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Wartende Downloads
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  AlarmClock set vs. 2.0  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: AlarmClock set, there you can chose between iceblue or black/grey design clock simple in the block file. The black/grey clock is the new in this version after a request for clocks that fits to an dark background pages. For phpNUKE Version 5.5 - 6.0!
Version: 2.0 Dateigröße: 50.28 Kb
Eingetragen am: 14. 03. 2003 Wartende Downloads: 959
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/Clocks

  Crossnuke Blog CMS vs. 0.3.1 zip  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: The CrossNuke Blog CMS is the Swiss Army Knife for PHP-Nuke AND PostNuke. CrossNuke converts the most popular built-in and third-party features of these CMS-s into one, coherent blog system and adds a pile of new features while leaves the core system untouched.
The CrossNuke Blog CMS is a multiportal News system, a Forum, a GuestBook, a Resource Storage, a Multimedia Gallery. And of course a full-featured WebLog system.
1. Multiportal: unlimited numbers of blogs, each of them may be considered as news portal, forum, resource gallery or personal weblog.
2. Resource Albums: All blogs have a built-in, multilevel resource album set where any types of resources may be stored: photos, downloads, music, documents, e.t.c. Multiple uploads, cross-browser, javascript galleries. Built-in automatic image resizer.
3. Bult-in Wap portal.
4. Built-in Wysywig editor.
5. All users may have unlimited numbers of blogs.
6. All blogs can be maintained by unlimited users.
7. All blogs have their own administration interface, plus site admin for radminsuper users.
8. All blogs have their own archives, and web link library.
9. Per post configurable email notifications of new comments.
10. Per blog configurable security: Bayesian filters, content filters, host blocking e.t.c.
11. Per blog configurable comments and submissions permissions.
12. Configurable free blog service for all registered site users.
13. Automatic, version-free adaption to the PHP-Nuke and PostNuke environment.
14. Automatic, stealth installation with comprehensive import features (see install notes)!
Version: 0.3.1 Dateigröße: 1.64 MB
Eingetragen am: 13. 03. 2005 Wartende Downloads: 748
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: ! Nuke-SplitOffs

  Game-Server Modul vs. 0.0.3  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: This PHPNuke module displays infos from game servers. It can query "Game Server Query Protocol" compatible servers (most of the available game servers support that protocol). Futhermore the protocol used by Halflife (and HL mods) is also supported. This Gameserver module includes gsQuery, a PHP class for querying game servers. Currently the following games are supported:
Unreal Tournamnet and all Mods
Unreal Tournamnet 2003
Battlefield 1942
Halflife and all Mods
Americas Army
Generally every game that supports the Gameserver Query protocol can be queried by this module. Unfortunately there are a couple of games that do not understand this protocol. This particularly concerns all games based on a Quake Engine (e.g. Quake I-III)!
Version: 0.0.3 Dateigröße: 61.03 Kb
Eingetragen am: 09. 02. 2003 Wartende Downloads: 830
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/GameServer

  Game-Server Modul vs. 0.0.4  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Currently the following games are supported:
Unreal Tournamnet and all Mods
Unreal Tournamnet 2003
Battlefield 1942
Halflife and all Mods
Americas Army
Quake 3 and all Mods
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Generally every game that supports the Gameserver Query protocol can be queried by this module. Unfortunately there are a couple of games that do not understand this protocol. This particularly concerns all games based on a Quake Engine (e.g. Quake I-III). Halflife is supported since 0.0.2 and Quake III since 0.0.4!
Version: 0.0.4 Dateigröße: 63.60 Kb
Eingetragen am: 25. 02. 2003 Wartende Downloads: 1324
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/GameServer

  Game-Server Modul vs. 0.1.0 beta  _POPULAR

  • Mapshots for Battlefield & Road to Rome (thx to Travis Prebble)
  • Mapshots for Unreal Tournament 2004 (thx to ZED28)
  • Game Joiner support (allows to join a server by clicking on a special hyperlink)
  • Variable caching of data retrieved from a game server (improves performance)
  • Optional mapshots in the block
  • Category system in server list
  • Online/Offline status and number of players in server list
  • ut2004 and q3a color code support
  • Data fetching via HTTP if UDP isn't allowed
  • Some changes to support gsQuery >= 0.1.0
  • Using gsQuery 0.1.1 which includes
    • Support for Call of Duty added
    • Support for Battlefield Vietnam added
    • Support for Solider of Fortune 2 added
    • hlife gameversion added
    • Support for Vietkong added
    • Support for Rainbow Six: Raven Shield added
    • Support for America's Army new protocol added
Ausserdem werden jetzt die folgenden Spiele unterstützt:
  • Unreal Tournamnet and most mods (gameSpy)
  • Unreal Tournamnet 200x and most mods (gameSpy or ut2004)
  • Battlefield 1942 and most mods (gameSpy)
  • Halflife and most Mods (hlife)
  • America's Army (armyGame)
  • Quake 3 and some Mods (q3a)
  • Medal of Honor Allied Assault (q3a)
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein (q3a)
  • Vietkong (vietkong)
  • Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (rvnshld)
  • Call of Duty (q3a)
  • Solider of Fortune 2 (sof2)
  • Battlefield Vietnam (armyGame)
  • And probably more
Bitte testet die Beta und meldet Bugs im Forum.
Version: 0.1.0 beta Dateigröße: 2.05 MB
Eingetragen am: 26. 05. 2004 Wartende Downloads: 1003
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/GameServer

  OFxServer Viewer vs. 2.12  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: OFxServer Viewer for phpNUKE Version 6.5 - 7.1, or just PHP. PHP script allows webmaster to load up via link/url a gameserver, in one of the 3 supported plugins. The phpNuke module will display a list of your favorite gameservers. This module requires "Q3Plug, Q3Px, or Xplug" to "view". Stores settings, and server list in database. Very easy to install/upgrade. Has option to Uninstall. v2.12. Changes List:
New: Support for 2 more plugins (q3plug, q3px, xplug)
New: Plugin Display Customization, set optional tags.
New: Mappic support with q3px plugin and bf1942.
New: Added more games that can be supported by plugins:
*Americas Army/aa,
*Call of Duty/cod,
*Counter Strike/cs,
*Castle Wolfenstein/cw,
*Day of Defeat/dod,
*Deus Ex/de,
*ST:Elite Force I & II/ef,
*Enemy Territory/et,
*Gunman Chronicles/gc,
*Half Life/hl,
*Heretic 2/he,
*Iron Storm/is,
*James Bond:Nightfire/jb,
*Jedi Knight 2/jk2,
*Jedi Knight Academy/jka,
*MOH:AA Breakdown/mhb,
*MOH:AA Spearhead/mhs,
*NeverWinter Nights/nn,
*Quake I/q1,
*Quake II/q2,
*Quake III/q3,
*Tribes 2/t2,
*Unreal Tournament/ut,
*UT 2003/ut2k3
*New: BF1942 Support (Battlefield 1942 / bf) using Battlestats
*New: URL/Cmdline support to display any server upon entry of the page.
*New: Updated to new nuke SQL layer code
*New: Option of using icons for gametypes
*Fixed: Fixed ServerViewer 'Block'
*Fixed: Improved installation, now will attempt install if accessed through admin panel/menu for first time.
*Fixed: Security fixes
*ADDON: Stand_Alone version of script for usage outside of phpnuke!
Version: 2.12 Dateigröße: 278.48 Kb
Eingetragen am: 08. 03. 2004 Wartende Downloads: 886
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Module/GameServer

  Outdoor-Block  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Dieser Block bietet einen Image-Link (siehe hier) zu (Anbieter von Outdoor u.m. insbesondere aus den USA). Einfach entpacken, editieren (um diesen Block nutzen und 6% Provision erhalten zu können, muß man sich bei anmelden (mit 5 Euro Startguthaben!) und dann die tid in Zeile 30 und 31 gegen die eigene tid austauschen) und danach die Datei in das Verzeichnis blocks einspielen!
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 801 bytes
Eingetragen am: 02. 09. 2002 Wartende Downloads: 797
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/Shopping

  PHPNuke 7.7 tar.tar  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Die bis dato (27.04.05) neueste Version. Änderungen:
- Added Users Karma System. This system lets you edit the karma of any user and restrict content publication to anyone that's annoying you and your visitors. There are 4 Karma values, as follow:
0: Good Karma (Default value for all users)
1: Regular Karma (Marked with a red flag, user activity isn't restricted but you need to pay atention)
2: Bad Karma (Marked with a warning icon. All comments of this user are moderated from the admin panel, these users are notified that their comments are moderated)
3: Devil Karma (Very bad/evil user. All comments from this user are ignored, never published, without any notice)
Additionaly Users marked with Bad and DEvil Karma can't post comments in Downloads nor Web Links modules. Moderation of bad Karma users comments are done using a new administration module called: Moderation.
It's in your hands and discretion to use or not this system. Karma system will help to have a little more control over abusers.
- Reviews module comments for anonymous users is now subject to the general preferences of the system.
- IP Ban system has been modified to use * wildcard in the last digits of any IP address. Know that if you ban an IP using a wildcard as the last digit you're banning a complete Class C network (255 IP addresses). Be careful using it and do as an extreme measure.
- Journal module textarea fields size increased to fit the new WYSIWYG editor layout
- Comments moderation system now works at 100% in both News and Surveys modules
- Comments moderation form submit button replaced with a block with information on how to moderate and a text button instead. This is for both News and Surveys modules.
- Send to Friend function in the News detail pages are now only for registered users and user name and email options can't be changed. This to increase site's security and to minimize possible mailbomb attacks.
- Fixed some variables validation in Downloads and Web Links modules
- Fixed XSS vulnerability in banners.php
- Fixed a bad SQL call variable name in banners.php
- Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in Top modules
- Fixed several XSS vulnerabilities in Downloads and Web Links modules
- Fixed a Http Response Splitting Vulnerability in Surveys module. (Thanks to dcrab from
- Fixed some minor HTML issues in Topics, Feedback and Submit News modules.
- Fixed an include bug in News and Surveys comments system (Thanks to anoopjohn from
- Simplified the module AvantGo. File print.php has been integrated into index.html
- Enhanced the backend.php output by adding field to the generated RSS feed.
- Added new database support for SQLite, which is a database server included with PHP5. (Thanks goes to phpBB team)
- Added new constant (MODULE_FILE) to modules.php to define a module instead to check if the module has been loaded by module.php. Old method still compatible but encouraged to use the new one. For examples see the first lines of any included module. (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Added a great WYSIWYG text editor to ALL PHP-Nuke's textarea fields. Compatible with Mozilla, MSIE and FireFox.
For this was used the great tinyMCE made by MoxieCode Systems AB ( TinyMCE is free software released under the LGPL. All credits are untouched on the files (/includes/tinymce/). You don't need to do anything if you want your module to use the editor, it automaticaly replaces all and any textarea tags all over the place with the wysiwyg editor. This is what I call "easy of integration". Better configuration, implementation and cosmetic changes will come in future releases.
- Added graphic icons to all administration functions (edit, delete, activate, deactivate, add, show, etc). - Fixed a bug in headlines function in Your Account module
- Added missing counter when you click on a topic icon to display specific news.
- Added graphic security code to the article's rating system to avoid voting/rating flood attacks
- Added last IP address check to article's rating system for extra security to avoid flood attacks
- Article's rating cookie life time extended from 1 hour to 1 day
- Added graphic security code to the Recommend Us form to avoid email robots attacks
- Security code image background is now theme sensitive. Located at /themes/Your_Theme/images/ folder with the filenames code_bg.jpg and code_bg_little.jpg for login screens and article's rating respectively.
- Fixed a duplicated header file include's call in Topics module that gives an error when non topics are found - Updated the full spanish language translation (Thanks to Eduardo Shelley)
- Added BBtoNuke Forums version 2.0.14 with several fixes (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Added a new feature to blocks administration to add more days to the current expiration date
- Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in Encyclopedia module - Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in FAQ module
- Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in Search module
- Fixed a bug in admin logout function cookie removal (Thanks to Loris)
- All credits headers in the source has been remade the way they should be. Non big changes to the code will have their credits on this file or in the piece of code changed instead of main header. I had files sent by users that for even a single character it carries a copyright note. If a file was "based" on others work or if the file has considerable changes or a partial rewrite it will have the credits on the header, otherwise the credits should go embeded on the modified code or in this file. This is to have a little more order. Source headers were out of control until now.
- All .php files has been indented to make the source code more human readable.
- Increased topicimage field length in nuke_topics table from 20 to 100 (Thanks to mtougeron for the suggestion)
- Changed/Fixed administration bug on Forums module that checked for SCRIPT_NAME instead of PHP_SELF which gives problems in certain conditions
- Added a check in the Downloads and Web Links modules to stop floods attacks (Thanks to flooders :P)
- Fixed a bug in 7.3 to 7.4 upgrade file (Thanks to Marcus Maciel )
- All themes logo graphics changed to match the new design, same for the powered buttons.
Version: 7.7 Dateigröße: 3.34 MB
Eingetragen am: 28. 04. 2005 Wartende Downloads: 1083 Bewertung: 2.00 (3 Stimmen)
Homepage | Bewerten | Details |   StarmKG Theme  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Ein neues Theme für 6.0 in blauen und grauen Farben!
(A new theme for 6.0 in blue and grey colors!)
Version: 1.0 Dateigröße: 38.09 Kb
Eingetragen am: 30. 12. 2002 Wartende Downloads: 629
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Themes/Einzelne

  StarmKG Theme vs. 2.0  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Ein neues Theme für 6.0 in blauen und grauen Farben!
(A new theme for 6.0 in blue and grey colors!)
Version: 2.0 Dateigröße: 67.97 Kb
Eingetragen am: 05. 02. 2003 Wartende Downloads: 600
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Themes/Einzelne

  Sunny Day 7.1  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: A theme for PHP-Nuke 7.1 in warm orange, white and yellow!
Version: 0.1 Dateigröße: 76.34 Kb
Eingetragen am: 06. 03. 2004 Wartende Downloads: 553
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Nuke-Themes/Einzelne

  WebMin vs. 1.180  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: Version 1.180 (24 Jan 2005):
Password timeouts are now enabled by default, to prevent brute-force password guessing attacks. Added the SMART Drive Status module for detecting hard disk problems.
Added support for TARing multiple directories and chaining backups in the Filesystem Backup module.
Numerous improvements in the LDAP Users and Groups module, including pre- and post- change scripts, a batch support, separate UID/GID ranges from the Users and Groups module and more configurable defaults.
Improved Solaris 10 support, such as in the Printer Administration and Software Packages modules.
Added support for sending problem reports using SNMP traps to the System and Server Status module.
Support for tracing process system calls in real time on Linux and Solaris in the Running Processes module.
Version 1.170 (13 Nov 2004):
Added the new Bandwidth Monitoring module, for generating simple reports of network traffic by port, time and host on Linux systems.
Added the Cluster Copy module, for coping files to multiple servers either on schedule or manually.
Added the Backup Configuration Files module, for backing up and restoring config files known to Webmin.
Several improvements to the Linux firewall module, including pre- and post commands, cluster support and the ability to reset the firewall configuration.
Support for selecting specific MySQL and PostgreSQL tables to back up, and improved searching in the MySQL module.
Automatic email notification for users approaching their disk quotas.
The timezone can now be set in the System Time module on Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.
Added support for Solaris 10 (thanks to Sun), SuSE 9.2, Mandrake 10.1, FreeBSD 5.3 and several Darwin versions.

Version 1.160 (5 Sep 2004):
Added the new Sarg Squid access reporting module. Thanks to Omar Armas for sponsoring its development. Updated all core modules to no longer output
lines at the top and bottom of every page. These are now generated by the selected theme, and not used by the default MSC theme.
Added support for NFSv4 to the Disk and Network Filesystems module.
In the MySQL and PostgreSQL modules, all databases can now be backed up at once, either manually or on a configured schedule.
Added the ability to delete multiple users at once to the Users and Groups module.
Added support for MD5 encryption for Webmin passwords, to avoid the 8-character effective password length limit.
The BIND module can now create and edit delegation-only zones.
Fixed a security problem that can occur at installation time only, if the /tmp/.webmin directory has already been created by a malicious user.
When PAM is used for Unix authentication, expired passwords are now detected and the user is prompted to select a new password (if this feature is enabled on the Webmin Configuration module).
Version: 1.180 Dateigröße: 7.12 MB
Eingetragen am: 12. 03. 2005 Wartende Downloads: 831
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: Zubehör: Weiteres

  WYSIWYG Editor FCKeditor vs. 1.4.0  _POPULAR
Beschreibung: The editor was changed and now uses htmlspecialchars instead of htmlentities when handling the initial value. It should works well, but please make some tests before upgrading definitively. If there is any problem just uncomment the line in the fckeditor.php file (and send me a message!). The editor is now integrated with ieSpell ( for Spell Checking. You can configure the download URL in then fck_config.js file. Thanks to Sanjay Sharma. (ieSpell is free for personal use but must be paid for commercial use) Table and table cell dialogs has been changed. Now you can select the class you want to be applied. Thanks to Alexander Lezos. [SF Feature-865378]A new upload support is available for ASP. It uses the /UserImages/ folder in the root of the web site as the files container and a counter controlled by the upload.cnt file. Both must have write permissions set to the IUSR_xxx user. Thanks to Trax and Juanjo. [SF Patch-798128] The user (programmer) can now define a custom separator for the list items of a combo in the toolbar. Thanks to Wulff D. Heiss. [SF Feature-741963][SF Feature-878941][SF Patch-869389] A minimal support for a 'fake' TAB is now available, even if HTML has no support for TAB. Now when the user presses the TAB key a configurable number of spaces ( ) is added. Take a look at config.TabSpaces on the fck_config.js file. No action is performed if it is set to zero. The default value is 4. Thanks to Phil Hassey. [SF BUG-782779][SF BUG-790939] The problem with big images has been corrected. Thanks to Raver. [SF BUG-862975] Now the editor does nothing if no image is selected in the image dialog box and the OK button is hit. [SF BUG-851609] The problem with ASP and null values has been solved. Norwegean language pack. Thanks to Martin Kronstad. Hungarian language pack. Thanks to Balázs Szabó. Bosnian language pack. Thanks to Trax. Japanese language pack. Thanks to Kato Yuichiro. Updates on the Polish language pack. Thanks to Norbert Neubauer. The Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw) has been removed from the package because it's corrupt!
Version: 1.4.0 Dateigröße: 391.93 Kb
Eingetragen am: 08. 03. 2004 Wartende Downloads: 1037
Homepage | Bewerten | Details
Kategorie: - Nuke WYSIWYG

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